About SAS

SAS is an anarchist (libertarian socialist) political organisation that was created at the beginning of the previous academic year. We aim to provide a coherent and effective basis for the application of anti-hierarchical ideas around the University of Sheffield.

Last year saw SAS take part in occupations in solidarity with striking staff, demonstrate against the privatisation of the student loan book, demonstrate in solidarity with the Cops Off Campus campaign, and organise meals, talks, and film showings.

With new members and a new year, SAS is totally yet to define itself – so come along and make it happen! Our meetings are directly democratic and non-hierarchical, and we aim to provide a safe and inclusive space in which all participants are entitled to an equal contribution.

SAS is a part of the Autonomous Student Network, which is a nationwide network of anarchist student groups: https://network23.org/autonomousstudentnetwork/

SAS facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffield-Autonomous-Students/812354595452700

1 thought on “About SAS

  1. I’m really into what you guys are trying to do here and would love to get more involved. Will be at the film on Tuesday for sure. I think an anarchist reading group is a fantastic idea

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