(Re)creating an Autonomous Student Network


This is a call out for radical anti-authoritarian students and student groups interested in (re)creating a national Autonomous Students Network.

Following the statement of the original ASN(active in 2010-2011), we are proposing a network for building solidarity and grassroots power in our campuses, workplaces and communities as part of the struggle for radical social change.

The ASN would be a project aiming to highlight the problems facing higher education and the student movement and taking action to resolve these problems. In the bog of trotskyist soundbites, we need an anarchist discourse on education and student organisation that has a sustainable network of contact and support behind it. The network should have both a local and a UK-wide focus, allowing local groups to support each other’s actions and projects while also coordinating groups for joint action on wider issues.

We hear plenty about cuts to education but we hear nothing about how our universities have been taken over by oligarchies of professional managers running undemocratic institutions for business interests. Our universities depend on students, lecturers and staff to function. We should be the ones deciding how they are run.

Similarly, there are few voices pointing out that the NUS is perhaps the single biggest obstacle to the realisation of a strong student movement capable of bringing meaningful change. It is little more than a careerist ladder for future Labour politicians whose vested interest it is to suppress radical student action. The NUS is unreformable and unrepentant. It should be opposed with creative alternatives.

This is merely a post to test the waters. We look forward to hearing what people think. Get in touch by commenting here or by messaging Sheffieldautonomousstudents@riseup.net

In solidarity,

Sheffield Autonomous Students.